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RED Accessories

RED cameras are equipped to handle anything from the photo studio to the backlot. A vast arsenal of modules and accessories enable RED cameras to take on different forms and functions, allowing users to personalize their configuration for any job. Modules can be attached to provide wireless control, advanced monitoring support, or extended battery life.



Early in the design process of RED's camera system, it was realized that no one camera configuration could be perfect for every user and every situation. Our camera systems had to be application specific, moldable and flexible enough to be whatever the user's creative needs required. The solution was obvious; RED BRAINs would be modular. Choose your I/O solution, your favored media and your power solution with the modules that best fits your needs.

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Touch screen capable LCD panels have been developed for RED BRAINs that innovate the way you navigate menus and monitor in the field. For the traditionalists, a RED EVF viewfinder has been designed to impress with its color-accurate image and compact form-factor.

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It is essential to know that your media is safely recording onto a stable medium. RED MINI-MAG SSD media introduces speed and stability previously unseen with most media systems, with storage capacities of 120GB, 240GB, 480GB and 960GB. MINI-MAGs provide impressive data rates of up to 300 MB/s and is constructed of a durable aluminum construction for improved longevity and security in the field.

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RED provides a variety of power options in the form of REDVOLT, REDVOLT XL, REDVOLT-V and REDBRICK batteries. RED BRICKs perform the longest, while REDVOLTs, REDVOLT XLs and REDVOLT-Vs provide you with substantial charge in a compact battery great for travel or compact configurations. Hot-swappable batteries allow you to shoot continuously without booting down, with or without an AC power adaptor.

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Accessory Packages

Accessory packages include the necessary components for a fully operational camera system. Packages include a touchscreen display for monitoring footage and camera control, Input/Output connectors (via a DSMC2 Expander or Module), a method of powering your camera, and other tools to configure your custom camera rig.

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